Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am still on cloud nine, yet to get over from the award hangover, this was time to celebrate my maiden award. I might sound like a maiden academy award winner, LOL, makes me happy enough. I made this in 15 mts, so easy, just make it and gulp it down, so silky and slippery. But i would prefer the wheat Halwa over this because, it has more body and texture than this. This halwa, though good enough was like a step sister who was not as beautiful as Cinderella. Anyways, comes in handy for instant sweet cravings. Hope you enjoy. The one mistake was the garnishing. I didn't add any nuts to the halwa itself, but messed up with shaved almonds. Appa thought it was coconut scrapings till he tasted it, next time, keep it simple and keep it the right way, happy-bowl.


Maida         -  100gms
Corn flour    -  15gms
Sugar         -  300gms
Gum Powder    -  a pinch
Ghee          -  150gms
Food color    -  a pinch
Nutmeg        -  1 tsp 

Make a runny paste with maida, cornflour, gum powder, food color and water.

Make a thin syrup with the sugar, when it comes to a boil add, maida and cornflour slurry.

When it comes to a boil and starts getting thicker add the ghee little by little.

When the mixture start coming together and leaves the pan,add nutmeg powder and transfer into a tray. Allow it to cool and cut into pieces.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is an emotional moment for me. It came unexpected. It's been nearly a year since i started blogging. I was just an avid blogger who would scour through pictures of mouth watering desserts and wondered "how the heck they make it at home...?".  When i became a regular reader of HHB, i gained some confidence in baking, first, then, starting my own blog; Now, when i am awarded by someone who was a great deal of inspiration to me, is so gratifying.

HHB, thank you so very much to recognize my blog. This means a lot to me. I dedicate this award to all newbies like me, who are avid bakers and aspire to conquer the baking battle with flying colours. One may wonder why my blog has only desserts, though i don't post all of what i cook, i have an incredibly strong sweet tooth. For health reasons, i tend to share all of what i cook, tasting a very small portion of it. Sometimes i restrict it to three or four desserts a month. That is why, there are fewer posts in my blog each month.

Truly touched and boosted with greater confidence, i am moving forward with this award as a stepping stone in my baking journey.

As to pass on the award to 10 other bloggers of my choice, i am no authority to judge other blogs, as i follow very few of them. All of them are stalwarts in their own rights. So, i request them to accept this award as a token of my admiration towards their diligence in their work. There are a few rules to accept the award. See here for details

I would like to pass on the awards to

Friday, February 17, 2012


If you had been reading my blog for a while, you must know that i don't give up easily on getting thing right. So, i am second time lucky...(touchwood). I made this the traditional way that my grandmother used to make. On FIREWOOD. Yes, i took the challenge and handled it, well .. with much gusto, No one  to help me around, i managed to lit the fire in my garden and had to toil around to keep away from the smoke that was swaying from the fire. It was like a merry go round, to venture away from the direction of the smoke. Otherwise i enjoyed it very much. Folks, if anybody can, please try to cook this way at least once in a lifetime, it is fun.


Milk                   -     2.5 ltr
Sugar                  -    400gms
Cream of  Tartar       -    1 tsp
Liquid Glucos          -    1 tbsp

Boil the milk in a big vessel. The milk tends to boil over, since the heat from a firewood stove is much higher than a normal gas stove. When the milk boils for five minutes, add cream of tartar and wait till it curdles. Cook it with the water. When all the moisture is absorbed, add sugar and allow it to caramelize a bit. When it becomes a nice brown color. remove from heat and add the liquid glucose. One must wonder that i didn't add any flavouring. There was a subtle smoky flavour that i liked very much. That is the reason for no extra flavouring..Try it, you won't regret making it. 
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