Saturday, October 8, 2011


I should have posted this earlier. This is an impulsive recipe. I didn't take this from any website or cookbook. Just a spontaneous thought about what to do with the frosting that went wrong. I am jotting down the recipe (roughly)


milk chocolate (melted) - 200gms
butter                  - 200gms
icing sugar             - 400gms
instant coffee          - 1 tsp
cocoa powder            - 2 tbsp
baking soda             - 2 tsp
flour                   - 350gms

i sort of eyeballed the flour. Kept on adding it to the frosting until it came together. Mix everything, roll into balls flatten with a fork, bake for 15 mts.This will be soft when warm but hardens as it cools. Tastes chewy the same day, but better and crispy the next day.


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