Friday, September 23, 2011


During the Jangiri debacle, i browsed so many sites for help and Rak's Kitchen made my day. She had announced an event for the month for sweets made with fruits or veggies.

I remembered, long long ago, when we were kids, amma used to make apple halwa every birthday. I completely forgot about it over the years, she too, i suppose. Nowadays it is more of stylish dishes like 'Mysurpa' or 'Ghee ladoo'.

The moment i read about the event, the recipe that came to my mind was this halwa. It is very easy to prepare and very tasty too. I am submitting this for her event.

Apple - 2 nos
Sugar - 1/2 cup (reduce it if you like it less sweeter)
Sugarless Khoa - 5 Tablespoon
Cardamon - a pinch
Almonds - for garnish (optional)

Cook the apples with the skin (nutrients, vitamins... aaghh) until tender.

Then add sugar.The mixture will turn
liquidy now.

Cook till all the moisture is absorbed.

When it is nice and thick add the
khoa and cook for five minutes.

Remove from fire add the cardamon and garnish with almond flakes.
Tada... it is done.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I had bookmarked this recipe a long time ago, but didn't find the right occasion to try it. Suddenly when we had an unexpected guest, these buns came to my mind. Moreover i had to test the instant yeast that i am using for the first time. SSB's buns were perfectly round. I skipped her stuffing and substituted with kaya paste that was nearing its expiry date. So i didn't make them into a round, i rather used the book fold method. The instant yeast was much easier to use, didn't have to proof it separately, you can directly add it to the flour mixture. Should also try croissants with this one day. The buns tasted very good, better than the store bought ones, but weren't looking like store bought ones. Should work on the appearance

Verdict : There were two flaws, i could not get a smooth surface on the buns as she had. Number two, the buns were not as soft the next day. Don't know where i went wrong, should clarify with her.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I had been long waiting for an opportunity to make this sweet. But, i had my own inhibitions.There was one attempt (which i would quickly want to forget) which was a catastrophe. Fortunately mom was not there at home during that (otherwise i would have been worse than that jangiri of mine). Appa silently took away with the garbage before she sensed any mischief.

This time i did a lot of R&D. The occasion too was special. It was my parents' anniversary. Every year i make them Paal Payasam, but this time i wanted to try something different. It was so selfish of me. Though they both are diabetics, they relish whatever i make except for my sister A, who is a devil of a critic. Even Nigella should put some extra effort to please her.

I am no Nigella, so this was a better attempt from my previous one. I played safe with going with mini jangiris this time, not the fancier original design. Was pretty easy,need to practice a lot.I made two mistakes with this recipe. I cut the cone which held the jangiri batter a little too wide, that is why they are a bit stout. Mistake number two is, the sugar syrup crystallized quickly than i had anticipated. So when the jangiris cooled it formed a coating of sugar which i didn't like. Two things to keep in mind in future(should also try the real jangiri design next time).

As usual this is not my recipe, i had taken it from
here. Hers was far far better than mine.
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