Friday, June 1, 2012


I am back. Sound's like Arnie isn't it. Just kidding. Was busy for so long, couldn't try anything bloggable. ha ha. So just  to refresh my already "not so good" skills in baking, i managed to bake this cake. This will be a really treat for any caramel lover. Though there are many recipes for a caramel cake, i stuck to an old fashioned rustic grandmother style cake that is so popular in the southern region of America,

I love caramel, i could have the whole frosting just by itself.  About the cake, there is nothing special, except,  it is an ordinary yellow cake with a glorious caramel frosting. I loved this cake. By the way, this was made for my amma, who was craving for a cream cake. She was, of course disappointed, as she had expected a luscious creamy white frosting, being presented with gooey clay instead. Nonetheless, the taste was fantastic, still i promised to make her a frosted cake some day. Though i hate  iced cakes, sometimes i do indulge in these rare ones. Verdict: A great cake for family reunions, when you want something special or unique.

Before signing off, i forgot to mention my "Tweaks". As the frosting is going to be a glorious caramel, i omitted vanilla extract from the cake, replaced with butterscotch essence instead. Worth the try, the cake smelt wonderful Secondly, the frosting was of spreadable consistency, a bit dripping, i would say. Reason could also be the heat, it is a scorching 109 here.


Flour                200gms
Butter               200gms
Sugar                200gms
Eggs                 4
Baking Pdr           2 Tsp
Butterscotch essence 2 Tsp


Sugar       50gms
Cream       100ml
Icing Sugar 200gms
Butter      20gms

Caramelisze the sugar untill amber colour.Remove from heat. Add cream and butter. Allow the foam to settle. Mix thoroughly. While it is tepid, add the icing sugar and mix well. Store in a glass container. This will keep for two weeks.

P.S. I had a cup of frosting left after icing the cake. Thinking of making cinnamon rolls and use this as a topping

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