Friday, July 6, 2012


I am keeping my fingers crossed as i am writing this post. This is the first cartoon character based cake that i have ever baked. It was for a cute angel M.Baked and frosted it in a limited time; We decided on the flavour and look and feel and i had no idea of how to make it. Somehow i managed to deliver it on time. Still waiting for the feed back. If you are a regular reader of my blog; this is the same eggless chocolate cake recipe, only that i converted it into a butterscotch cake by replacing the cocoa powder with flour.

I didn't have any chance to taste the cake, but the frosting was yum...It tasted like butterscotch icecream. Still to hear from my friend on how the cake turned out. Will keep ya posted

Friday, June 1, 2012


I am back. Sound's like Arnie isn't it. Just kidding. Was busy for so long, couldn't try anything bloggable. ha ha. So just  to refresh my already "not so good" skills in baking, i managed to bake this cake. This will be a really treat for any caramel lover. Though there are many recipes for a caramel cake, i stuck to an old fashioned rustic grandmother style cake that is so popular in the southern region of America,

I love caramel, i could have the whole frosting just by itself.  About the cake, there is nothing special, except,  it is an ordinary yellow cake with a glorious caramel frosting. I loved this cake. By the way, this was made for my amma, who was craving for a cream cake. She was, of course disappointed, as she had expected a luscious creamy white frosting, being presented with gooey clay instead. Nonetheless, the taste was fantastic, still i promised to make her a frosted cake some day. Though i hate  iced cakes, sometimes i do indulge in these rare ones. Verdict: A great cake for family reunions, when you want something special or unique.

Before signing off, i forgot to mention my "Tweaks". As the frosting is going to be a glorious caramel, i omitted vanilla extract from the cake, replaced with butterscotch essence instead. Worth the try, the cake smelt wonderful Secondly, the frosting was of spreadable consistency, a bit dripping, i would say. Reason could also be the heat, it is a scorching 109 here.


Flour                200gms
Butter               200gms
Sugar                200gms
Eggs                 4
Baking Pdr           2 Tsp
Butterscotch essence 2 Tsp


Sugar       50gms
Cream       100ml
Icing Sugar 200gms
Butter      20gms

Caramelisze the sugar untill amber colour.Remove from heat. Add cream and butter. Allow the foam to settle. Mix thoroughly. While it is tepid, add the icing sugar and mix well. Store in a glass container. This will keep for two weeks.

P.S. I had a cup of frosting left after icing the cake. Thinking of making cinnamon rolls and use this as a topping

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Summer is soaring. Hardly March and it is already 36. Shudder to think what is waiting in May. As like most chennai - ites, i am used to this. So, thought of dishing out a few coolers to drink up the summer. There were lots of banans, lots of milk and lots of  almond icecream. Just mish mashed everything to make this beauty. I didn't add any extra sugar. The icecream and bananas were sweet enough. The twist was, i added some roasted bananas on top of the shake, then covered it with crunchy almond icecream. This added texture to the otherwise "BORING" milk shake. I loved it. Since i am a 'fruity' type of  person, i would savour anything with fruits with full zeal and glee. For those who like bananas, this is an excuse to "GO BANANAS"


Bananas           -             2
Almond Icecream   -             2 generous scoops
Cold milk         -             1 cup

Whip up the cold milk and bananas in a blender (save 1/2 or a few pieces for garnish). Roast a few banana pieces with a teaspoon of sugar till they are coated with caramel. Pour the shake into a glass, add the roasted banana on top and finish it off with some almond icecream. HEAVEN

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am still on cloud nine, yet to get over from the award hangover, this was time to celebrate my maiden award. I might sound like a maiden academy award winner, LOL, makes me happy enough. I made this in 15 mts, so easy, just make it and gulp it down, so silky and slippery. But i would prefer the wheat Halwa over this because, it has more body and texture than this. This halwa, though good enough was like a step sister who was not as beautiful as Cinderella. Anyways, comes in handy for instant sweet cravings. Hope you enjoy. The one mistake was the garnishing. I didn't add any nuts to the halwa itself, but messed up with shaved almonds. Appa thought it was coconut scrapings till he tasted it, next time, keep it simple and keep it the right way, happy-bowl.


Maida         -  100gms
Corn flour    -  15gms
Sugar         -  300gms
Gum Powder    -  a pinch
Ghee          -  150gms
Food color    -  a pinch
Nutmeg        -  1 tsp 

Make a runny paste with maida, cornflour, gum powder, food color and water.

Make a thin syrup with the sugar, when it comes to a boil add, maida and cornflour slurry.

When it comes to a boil and starts getting thicker add the ghee little by little.

When the mixture start coming together and leaves the pan,add nutmeg powder and transfer into a tray. Allow it to cool and cut into pieces.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is an emotional moment for me. It came unexpected. It's been nearly a year since i started blogging. I was just an avid blogger who would scour through pictures of mouth watering desserts and wondered "how the heck they make it at home...?".  When i became a regular reader of HHB, i gained some confidence in baking, first, then, starting my own blog; Now, when i am awarded by someone who was a great deal of inspiration to me, is so gratifying.

HHB, thank you so very much to recognize my blog. This means a lot to me. I dedicate this award to all newbies like me, who are avid bakers and aspire to conquer the baking battle with flying colours. One may wonder why my blog has only desserts, though i don't post all of what i cook, i have an incredibly strong sweet tooth. For health reasons, i tend to share all of what i cook, tasting a very small portion of it. Sometimes i restrict it to three or four desserts a month. That is why, there are fewer posts in my blog each month.

Truly touched and boosted with greater confidence, i am moving forward with this award as a stepping stone in my baking journey.

As to pass on the award to 10 other bloggers of my choice, i am no authority to judge other blogs, as i follow very few of them. All of them are stalwarts in their own rights. So, i request them to accept this award as a token of my admiration towards their diligence in their work. There are a few rules to accept the award. See here for details

I would like to pass on the awards to

Friday, February 17, 2012


If you had been reading my blog for a while, you must know that i don't give up easily on getting thing right. So, i am second time lucky...(touchwood). I made this the traditional way that my grandmother used to make. On FIREWOOD. Yes, i took the challenge and handled it, well .. with much gusto, No one  to help me around, i managed to lit the fire in my garden and had to toil around to keep away from the smoke that was swaying from the fire. It was like a merry go round, to venture away from the direction of the smoke. Otherwise i enjoyed it very much. Folks, if anybody can, please try to cook this way at least once in a lifetime, it is fun.


Milk                   -     2.5 ltr
Sugar                  -    400gms
Cream of  Tartar       -    1 tsp
Liquid Glucos          -    1 tbsp

Boil the milk in a big vessel. The milk tends to boil over, since the heat from a firewood stove is much higher than a normal gas stove. When the milk boils for five minutes, add cream of tartar and wait till it curdles. Cook it with the water. When all the moisture is absorbed, add sugar and allow it to caramelize a bit. When it becomes a nice brown color. remove from heat and add the liquid glucose. One must wonder that i didn't add any flavouring. There was a subtle smoky flavour that i liked very much. That is the reason for no extra flavouring..Try it, you won't regret making it. 

Monday, January 30, 2012


Fore warning: This has a zillion calories.True. You have to toil in the tread mill for a whole week for just one serving of it. This was a rage when introduced by SKC. But, now ,it is available at any corner store. Nothing like home made. I couldn't get the lighting right; that is why this blue tint. One thing i tweaked is, the recipe actually calls for full cream milk powder, i didn't have them handy, so i substituted with horlicks...:-).This has a melt in mouth texture, asking for more and more. I, with great restraint, had to pull myself out of the cupboard where this is stored.
I am going to limit this to festive delicacies from now. Too good for ordinary occasions. Now for the recipe.

Besan flour -   250 gms
Sugar       -   500 gms
Ghee        -   1 Kg (a whooping amount. Yes, but do not reduce) 
Horlicks    -   125 gms

Roast the flour in ghee for about 10mts.

Make sugar syrup of 1/2 string consistency.

Mix both together and put on the flame. Once the mixture comes together, add the horlicks and keep stirring untill it forms a big mass.

The edges should start spluttering when your ladle passes through it.

Pour over in a greased plate and slice them.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have to confess, folks, this post is for participation purpose only. I have no idea of what is made on CNY, but would be very happy if this finds a place in the new year bakes. This is a regular cookie that we make, but with a small twist. Molasses. Add a generous table spoon of molasses to get an earthy flavour that is very appetising for me. This makes a very small batch and was gifted to a little girl who enjoyed it very much. She gave me a double thumbs up.


Flour                200 gms
Butter               175 gms
Icing sugar          175 gms
Molasses             1 Tablespoon
Salt                 1/2 tsp
Baking soda          1/2 tsp

Mix everything together.No creaming of ingredients is required.

Scoop into cookies in a baking sheet and bake for 20 mts at 170.

They will be soft when hot but will eventually harden as it cools.

 I am submitting your post to Aspiring Bakers #15: Auspicious Dishes for CNY (January 2012) hosted by Wen of Wen's Delight

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY. Let this year be a one filled with  happiness and wishes fulfilled with good health and prosperity. Since my sister A had come over from Singapore, we had a bash on New Year. She is not a patron of sweets and so i tried to impress her with a heritage dish. Thus Basundi. Creamy and decadent, loaded with calories, we made sure that all of us had a small serving so as to control the calories. Reserve the extra calories for the rest of the year.


Milk          1 liter
Sugar         50 gms
Pistachios    10 nos
Almonds     ` 10 nos
Kalonji       2 Tbsp 

Heat the milk in a wide heavy bottomed vessel and skim of the malai as it accumulated to the corner of the vessel.

Once the mixture becomes thick with lots of malai, add the sugar and stir till it dissolves.

Allow the mixture to cool and garnish with nuts.

I didn't add cardamom or any other flavourings, the aroma of quartered milk was enough.
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