Saturday, October 1, 2011


I had a request For a birthday cake. An eggless one. Till then i didn't have any chance to try eggless ones, but this friend is a strict vegetarian; so, for her little one's birthday, i challenged myself to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.I zeroed in a recipe from a milkmaid collection recipe book of my mother's.I was not sure of how the texture of this cake is going to be or how much this will yield, so i made a trial version a week before. As this was my first cake for somebody else, i had to set out a plan to make the cake and frosting.

day 1). Make the cake and frosting, set both in fridge.

Chocolate cake recipe

milk maid - 400gms
butter- 150 gms
maida - 200 gms
cocoa powder - 35 gms
baking powder - 2 tsp
baking soda - 1 tsp
warm water - 200 ml

salt - a pinch
vanilla essence - 1 tsp

grease a 9 inch baking pan and line it with butter paper. (i always do this, makes cleaning the dishes easy)

sift the maida, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt twice.
melt butter in a bowl and allow it to cool
Add milk maid and mix well
stir in the water and mix again
when everything is a homogeneous mixture, add the dry mixture and mix lightly until they all come together.
Do not over mix.

transfer into the cake pan and bake at 150 for 45 mts.

You have to make it to believe it. The cake smells heavenly. I had made a lots of cakes before, but his was something special. It tasted so divine the next day. I had set it on the table early in the morning to cut out the wedges, the whole room smelled of milkmaid (i could eat a whole can just like that). The cake, though lacked the spring form effect of an egg based one, was dense and very very tasty, like a pound cake. But the aroma, nothing could be compared to it. So, my eggetarian friends, please try this cake atleast once in a lifetime, you will never regret it

Allow the cake to cool.


This was another opportunity to spread the austerity drive that i always practice. There were lots of milk chocolates in the fridge; suddenly an inner voice prompted me to substitute cocoa with milk chocolate (that was the disaster waiting to happen).

I whistled aloud of what a genius i was; Appa just gave a baffled look..!(i didn't know why).

So meticulously i took 250 gms of butter, 500 gms of icing sugar, 250 gms of melted milk chocolate and mixed everything with a hand held mixer and whipped them until they were soft and fluffy.

Notwithstanding, the inner genius (i think it should be read as genie) hinted on to add a table spoon of instant coffee powder to make it a mocha frosting.

Just imagine, a first timer dishing out a chocolate cake with chocolate mocha frosting (sounds so professional yo..).

Everything was hunky dory, the cake was good and the frosting was well done. I thanked all my stars and went to bed.


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