Sunday, March 18, 2012


Summer is soaring. Hardly March and it is already 36. Shudder to think what is waiting in May. As like most chennai - ites, i am used to this. So, thought of dishing out a few coolers to drink up the summer. There were lots of banans, lots of milk and lots of  almond icecream. Just mish mashed everything to make this beauty. I didn't add any extra sugar. The icecream and bananas were sweet enough. The twist was, i added some roasted bananas on top of the shake, then covered it with crunchy almond icecream. This added texture to the otherwise "BORING" milk shake. I loved it. Since i am a 'fruity' type of  person, i would savour anything with fruits with full zeal and glee. For those who like bananas, this is an excuse to "GO BANANAS"


Bananas           -             2
Almond Icecream   -             2 generous scoops
Cold milk         -             1 cup

Whip up the cold milk and bananas in a blender (save 1/2 or a few pieces for garnish). Roast a few banana pieces with a teaspoon of sugar till they are coated with caramel. Pour the shake into a glass, add the roasted banana on top and finish it off with some almond icecream. HEAVEN

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