Monday, May 9, 2011


Yuuuhuu, i got new paper liners(really cute ones); so what are we waiting for, baking time folks. The last one was choco banana muffins, so this time i made some plain muffins studded with chocolate chips. I used hersheys, kind of melt in the mouth chocolate drops. Should really congratulate people who found this. This kind of stays like half melted so that you can get the taste of chocolate in between.

I baked them in heart muffin pans that the other A gave me. If you are looking at this blog then A thank you so much. As an alternative i added an extra spoonful of yogurt to the batter and made it quite runny unlike muffin batter that are just moist.

It actually worked out. The muffins were tender and stayed fresh the next day as well. The pan made bigger muffins than the cup cake pans; so next time i would eat half instead of one.

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