Monday, January 30, 2012


Fore warning: This has a zillion calories.True. You have to toil in the tread mill for a whole week for just one serving of it. This was a rage when introduced by SKC. But, now ,it is available at any corner store. Nothing like home made. I couldn't get the lighting right; that is why this blue tint. One thing i tweaked is, the recipe actually calls for full cream milk powder, i didn't have them handy, so i substituted with horlicks...:-).This has a melt in mouth texture, asking for more and more. I, with great restraint, had to pull myself out of the cupboard where this is stored.
I am going to limit this to festive delicacies from now. Too good for ordinary occasions. Now for the recipe.

Besan flour -   250 gms
Sugar       -   500 gms
Ghee        -   1 Kg (a whooping amount. Yes, but do not reduce) 
Horlicks    -   125 gms

Roast the flour in ghee for about 10mts.

Make sugar syrup of 1/2 string consistency.

Mix both together and put on the flame. Once the mixture comes together, add the horlicks and keep stirring untill it forms a big mass.

The edges should start spluttering when your ladle passes through it.

Pour over in a greased plate and slice them.

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