Friday, April 29, 2011


This is the second takeaway for A. Actually this is kaju katli gone wrong. While i took so much pride in my last blog that i am great at sweets, this one brought me down to earth.

I planned to make this early before A's friends came to say good bye, but a sloth i am this took much more time than i had anticipated. They arrived and that was it. I discussed with so much enthusiasm about Nigella's cooking exploitations that i completely forgot about the project that was cooking. Atlast when i remembered it, it was too late. The wok was so happy to have the dish that it would'nt let go of it. But i was too proud to admit my mistake.

I silently covered it for a while and once completely cooled, i added a tablespoon of hot water to make it into a pilable dough. Then with the mooncake moulds that A had got from singapore, i punched them into it and my sweet babies were ready in a jiffy.

A later told me that her colleagues were raving about my cooking skills, only i know the truth, i am not a good cook but am intelligent cook.

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