Sunday, April 3, 2011


Oh how i love this...There is no alternative to this dish at any point of time. A vadai is a vadai is a vadai by anu other name. (oops..sorry that is my liking for this snack). This is so versatile that it can be manifested into so many different tasting snacks withoout much ado.

SAMBAR VADAI - Dip them in hot sambar and lo and behold.....mouth watering evening tiffin

THAYIR VADAI - Soak in thick curd and garnish with corainder and roasted cumin and kara boondi. lip smacking.....

RASA VADAI - A perfect evening snack that leaves a hangover till the next day..peppery rasam and soft vadai...

KEERAI VADAI - Add greens to the dough before frying and gourge on the heavely crispy healthy munchies..

The list could just go on with VEGETABLE VADAI or i have heard some people stuffing with meat or chicken mince (didnt try that yet), but i could have it just like that.

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